Hello There

Hi, I’m Erin. I recently moved from one of America’s best cities, Boston, to one of America’s smallest cities, Warner Robins. You’ve probably never heard of it (if it weren’t for the HUGE Air Force base there, I wouldn’t have either).


Its located smack dab in the middle of Georgia and famous for being the only city to hold both baseball and softball Little League World Championship titles. It’s also where tee-ball was invented (who knew, right?).

Why did I move here, you ask? My husband and I are both officers in the military. Max spent the last three years bouncing around from base to base getting trained up as a pilot while I spent the last three years living it up in Boston. It wasn’t all fun and games in good ole Bean Town though; as a program manager, I worked on two amazing programs and got my Masters from Boston University all while managing to have a rocking time with some great friends on the weekends.

GraduationSee? There I am on graduation day with my mother, sister and mother-in-law. So happy they were able to come out and support me! What a crazy week in my life. They flew in on Thursday, I graduated Friday, they flew out Sunday, the movers came Monday and Tuesday, and on Thursday, I hopped in my silver Mazda 3 and drove on down to Georgia (insert thick accent). Needless to say, it was a whirlwind week.

A month after pulling chocks and hightailing it to Warner Robins, Max and I decided to go and get married…because we love each other. Actually, it was all meticulously planned and we love each other alot. I know, who would do that to themselves on purpose? Graduate from a Master’s program and move across the country in May and then get married in June? Looking back it all worked out, but there were a few days when I wanted to pull my naturally curly hair out.

Fresh off our honeymoon, I returned to my new job in Georgia where a coworker told me that one of our wedding portraits resembled Kate and Wills. You remember me mentioning that I’m a Kate Middleton fan. Ahhh…little did he know how freaking happy that comment made me. With a dash of googling and the help of the Pic Stitch app, I threw this photo together:

KateandErinPretty awesome, huh? The guy’s postures are basically identical and there are minor differences in Kate’s and mine stances, but overall, we could totally be the royal couple!  Huge bonus in my book.

On Tuesday, I made a Nutella Swirl Banana Bread, but unfortunately it didn’t last to today (Sorry, Max, I tried, I really did). It was an insanely sweet and horrendously rich piece of bread that in no way was healthy. To compensate, I went on a run the last three days in a row. I’m pretty sure I still have a calorie surplus though. Dang it.

BreadThis was my final product: it’s loaded with mini Reese’s cups, chocolate chips, peanut butter deliciousness and Nutella. Oh and some bananas. Before you start wondering, the answer is yes, it was as good as it looks. Special thanks to Sally’s Baking Addiction blog for this amazing recipe. It truly was a tasty treat.

(see now why I like running and working out? – You can’t looove cooking and baking and stay skinny at the same time, trust me, I’ve tried.)

Well, it being a Friday afternoon, I should probably get going. It’s Max’s turn to drive up to see me this weekend (remember, we’re married but live separately and not by choice). And being the nice wife that I am, I’ve made Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice and Roasted Garlic Naan for dinner and a scrumptious Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert.

CheesecakeI stayed up until near midnight last evening baking this masterpiece. Here are my strawberries, washed and all chopped up. In the baking world, they call that hulled or something. It’s chopped, people. No need to get fancy and create new verbs; the English language has enough of that nonsense already. Anyways, that’s the cheesecake on the bottom right. Isn’t she a beaut? I’ll let you know how yummy it tastes in my next post.

Before signing off, I figured I’d share a few things I’ve learned since moving down South:

  1. Humidity is bad for curly hair and no amount of gel, hairspray or any hair product will tame that
  2. Clubs aren’t like elsewhere in the country. Read: you’d don’t put on heels and a cute dress for this type of dancing
  3. Twangy country, rock or religious music is all you’ll hear on the radio because pop and techno haven’t caught on here yet
  4. Speaking of music, prepare to be about a year or two behind the power curve. It’s 2013 and they just discovered Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe”…sooo last summer
  5. Find a good pest control company or keep the lights on 24/7 because the bugs here are relentless, terrifying and sometimes deadly. Have you seen the cockroaches, seriously? They could attack small children

I could probably spend about a dozen posts ranting about cockroaches, but instead I’m going to take the high road.

Until next time


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