Meet My Twin: Kate Middleton

It all started with the wedding of the century. Actually, that’s not true. Looking back, I remember poring over gossip magazines in high school with my best friend at the lunch table. Our conversations went something like this:

“Harry’s definitely hotter.”
“But William’s going to be King.”
“I’ll just marry Harry and be a Princess.”
“Ugh…too bad William’s taken. I hate Kate Middleton.” 

And it just spiraled out of control from there. Yes, we were seventeen and seniors in high school, but that didn’t matter. We were determined to somehow finagle our way into the royal family. Obviously, it didn’t work (we’re both now happily married to great non-royal guys).

Even back in 2005, I had a mild interest in Kate Middleton’s fairytale romance. Alright, mild is a stretch. Still, I jumped on the Kate Middleton bandwagon waayyyy before she became ultra-popular and all everyone was talking about.

I’d like to think that she and I share some likenesses. Maybe it’s just the fascination (ok fine, obsession). You be the judge.

Reasons why Kate Middleton is my doppelganger:

      1. Dark brown hair with a natural curl that frizzes in high humidity  EandK
      2. We met our husbands at university (or college as we say here in the States)
      3. Our husbands are both 6’ 3”, have blonde hair, love fast vehicles, and fly rescue helicopters for their respective Air Forces (I know – we have excellent taste in men) WandM
      4. We both pledged to serve our countries. She’s a Princess of the United Kingdom and I’m a Lieutenant in the Air Force (You see the symmetry I’m going for here).
      5. Harry Potter fans. Kate, William and Harry recently visited the Warner Bros. Studio in Hertfordshire and Max and I are going to Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter in September (I can’t wait!)
      6. She’s been married for two years; I’ve been married for two months (yeah, this one’s a stretch, but check out our wedding portraits – practically carbon copies of each other)


What’s more than just our surface similarities are our past experiences. No, I’ve never been followed by a mob of media hungry photographers documenting my every move and I’ve never dated anyone royal, but I have endured the trials of a long distance relationship while my husband pursued his dream of being a pilot. It’s something all of us military spouses possess: an unyielding sense of independence.  That and a truck load of patience.

Just like Kate, the decisions I’ve made have shaped me into a more well-rounded individual. Not letting one person’s goals outshine the others is how you become whole. When William wasn’t ready to settle down, Kate had a splendid time with friends, going out on the weekends. When Max left for pilot training, I decided to scratch some items off my bucket list. Bottom line: neither of us let what our husbands were doing slow us down.

Being independent while in a relationship forces you to realize what’s important in life and that’s the glue that holds a marriage together. Wills and Kate figured it out; I’d say Max and I have figured it out too.


So that leaves us with overall similar appearances (although Kate is much more gorgeous), nearly identical husbands and a list of the same interests. You have to admit – there are some earth-shattering, tangible comparisons here. What do you think – crazed fan with too much time on her hands or practically twins?


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