Master Bedroom Projects

Like any newlywed couple, Max and I are still scrambling to fill our three bedroom home so it doesn’t look quite as empty. We took the easy road and bought our dining room and office furniture. What can I say? We needed a quick solution.

When it came to our bedroom though, I put my foot down. The last thing I wanted was to rush into picking a set out of convenience. We’re not the couple who replaces our furniture every three years when a new style wave rocks the furniture world. We wanted something visually appealing and durable.

Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Restoration Hardware. They all screamed my name. I showed countless headboards and nightstands to Max, but as soon as he saw the price tag, all I heard was a resounding no. Don’t you love the sleek designs though? I asked, hoping by some miracle he’d agree with me. It didn’t happen.

That’s when I saw a brag post from Knock off Wood by Ana White. What was I thinking before? I didn’t need to buy a $3,000 Potter Barn bed set – I could build it! I’d already built a few other pieces and learned some valuable lessons. Why not build a bed too? What was stopping me?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Max was completely on board with the new Master Bedroom furniture plan. That was all I needed. I scoured Ana White‘s blog for potential designs.

Here are the two we keep going back and forth with:

Fancy Farmhouse Bed


The Fancy Farmhouse is practically a carbon copy of a Pottery Barn collection, so naturally, my eye is drawn to that one. But then there’s the country chic Wood Shim Cassidy Bed. So country, so chic. How could I not love this design too?

Wood Shim Cassidy Bed


Max likes both contenders. All he’s requested is that the stain be a dark mahogany which I’m a fan of too.

I’m really torn on this one. Maybe we don’t have to pick. We do have a guest bedroom that’s currently empty. Hm…Choices, choices.


5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Projects

  1. Erin,
    Have you guys ever thought about a Vintage 5 or 6 panel door for your headboard ? They are beautiful! I was lucky enough to get a door from Aunt Elizabeth’s house before it was torn down . It’s from 1846 and in great condition. There are plenty of websites on “HOW TO” turn it into a beautiful headboard.
    Just a thought …..
    Love, Aunt Kathy

    I will send u a picture on Facebook.

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