Radiant in Red

With Kate on maternity leave until September 12th, she’s tactfully kept a low profile in order to spend as much time with her new son as possible. I don’t blame her. She’s probably enjoying the peace and quiet that comes along with not constantly being in the media’s limelight.

With only one short interview with the media since June, that got me wondering – what might she wear for her first official appearance at the Tusk Trust?

Ever since her engagement to Prince William, Kate’s become the Queen of Fashion. She’s even responsible for the Kate Effect, a phenomenon where the ensemble she’s wearing sells out online and in stores within hours of her donning it.

Combine the Kate Effect with nearly three months of being out of the media’s spotlight and that’s a recipe for a statement piece.

This realization inspired me to scour the internet for past Kate Middleton apparel and trends. You know what I found? Kate’s drawn to strong, power colors, especially red. It’s the color of passion, energy, and love. Over the past two years, she’s been spotted in a red ensemble eight times, more if you count the fact that she rewears many items from her wardrobe.

Here’s a look back at some red fashions Kate’s rocked.

Designer: Luisa Spagnoli
Event: St. Andrews 600th Anniversary
March 2011


Designer: Catherine Walker
Event: Visit to Calgary Zoo (Canadian Trip)
July 2011

Catherine Walker

Designer: Collette Dinnigan
Event: Friend’s Wedding
Sept 2011


Designer: Beulah London
Event: Child Bereavement Charity
October 2011


Designer: LK Bennett
Event: UNICEF Visit
November 2011

LK Bennett

Designer: Alexander McQueen
Event: Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee
June 2012


Designer: Whistles
Event: National Portrait Gallery Viewing
January 2013


Designer: Armani
Event: Visit to BAE Systems
April 2013


It’s so hard to pick my favorite! If I absolutely had to though, I think it would be a tie between the Alexander McQueen and the Catherine Walker. I know, I know. That’s not picking. Seriously, the custom pleated dress suit she wore for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was stunningly vibrant and youthful, perfect for such a momentous occasion.

Which red outfit is your favorite on the Duchess of Cambridge?

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