Fabulous Fascinators: Kate’s Ten Best Hats

Hat fashion. It’s strictly a British thing. Nowhere in the States would you find women wearing extravagant, feathery fascinators to events. Maybe an oversized sun hat, but that’s really it.

In nearly every photo we see of Kate Middleton, there’s almost always a dainty hat perched atop her head. There have been a few feathery, theatrical ones, but for the most part, a majority are tasteful and compliment her outfit.

In spite of the Kate Effect, the hat revolution just hasn’t caught on across the pond yet. Maybe that’s all about to change. At least I hope it does. If you’re still on the fence, here are Kate’s ten best hats over the past few years. Maybe some of these will convince you that hat fashion really is for everyone.

Designer: Whiteley
Events: Epsom Derby (June 2011), Friend’s Wedding (June 2012), Order of the Thistle (July 2012), and National Review of the Queen’s Scouts (April 2013)


Designer: James Lock & Co
Events: Queen’s 85th Birthday Celebration and again later that day for a Friend’s Wedding (June 2011)


Designer: James Lock & Co
Event: North American Tour (July 2011)


Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Events: Irish Guard Medal Parade Ceremony (July 2011) and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tour (June 2012)


Designer: Gina Foster
Event: Zara Phillips’s Wedding (August 2011)


Designer: James Lock & Co
Events: St. Patrick’s Day  (March 2012), a Friend’s Wedding in Switzerland (March 2013) and Cheltenham Race (March 2013)

st pattys

Designer: James Lock & Co
Event: Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Tour (March 2012)

black flower

Designer: Jane Corbett
Events: Queen’s Garden Party (May 2012) and Trooping of the Colour (June 2013)


Designer: Jane Corbett
Events: Order of the Garter Parade (June 2012) and Queen’s Garden Party (June 2013)

white yellow

Designer: Jane Corbett
Event: Trooping the Colour (June 2012)

powder blue

So which one is your favorite? The oversized statement hats or the more feminine fascinators? More importantly, would you ever wear one? I know I definitely would! If Max and I ever get stationed in the UK, I’ll definitely be purchasing some hats. We might even go to the races. When in…London, right?


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