Macon Beer Festival

This past Saturday, half of Macon turned out to support Pints for Prostates, a cause dedicated to educating and helping men with prostate cancer. For the third year in a row, the city organized a beer festival in the heart of downtown. A total of ten bars and restaurants volunteered their time on Saturday to supporting the worthwhile charity.

It was a pleasant summer afternoon; Macon and Pints for Prostates couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Sometimes attending charity events isn’t all that bad.


Around 3PM, some friends and I picked up our pre-paid tickets at will call in Third Street Park. Each ticket cost $25 – not too bad considering it went towards a good cause. After our IDs were checked, we were given bright blue knapsacks, a mini beer glass and a tasting ticket book. Because the organizers checked your ID at the Park, you weren’t ID’d again for the entire festival. Maybe it’s just me, but I loved the idea of not having to dig through my purse and pull out my ID at all ten establishments.

Each page in our handy tasting ticket book designated a different bar or restaurant participating in the day’s festivities; everywhere we went, the patrons offered three craft beers. Some, like Cox Capital Theatre gave their samples intriguing names like Twain’s Mystery. I still have no idea what it was, but it was tasty!


There was only a three hour window to sample all thirty beers; needless to say, our group was enthusiastic about getting started!

Everywhere we went, there were folks clutching their mini beer glass, sometimes empty, but more often than not full. When the city hosts events such as this festival, you can have an open container on the streets. It definitely helped our group hit all ten establishments – we could drink while walking to the next place!

I’d say the festival was well organized, better than in past years I’ve been told. A few places set up tents outside on the street to facilitate better access for the festival go-ers. I actually preferred this. It felt more like a true festival rather than being herded from bar to bar.


Being downtown, each bar or restaurant was relatively close together. If one patron had a line, it was easy enough to cross the street and grab a few samples from another place that was less crowded. Even as a newcomer to the area, I had zero problems navigating the charming tree lined streets.

All in all, there were good beers and there were bad beers. My favorite was Sprecher’s Hard Root Beer. True to its name, this beer really did taste like root beer! All it needed were a few scoops of ice cream and it would have been a wonderfully refreshing summer treat. Hopefully they bring it back next year!

Have you ever been to a beer festival? What’s your best memory? Leave it below in the comments!

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