Sweetly Savannah

Savannah, Georgia: our second weekend getaway in a row. Our first amazing mini vacation took place at Amelia Island. Can’t believe that was only a few weeks ago!

I’d heard good things about Savannah – no open container laws, fantastic location on the Savannah River, great antique stores, charming historic squares. All in all, my expectations were high, but I never thought in a million years our visit would be more epic than Amelia Island.

Max, his sister Ami, and I all converged on the city last Friday night. With all the pandemonium that was our wedding back in June, I hardly had a chance to catch up with Ami – it was great hanging out! Yay for mini family reunions!

We threw our bags into the hotel room and immediately hit the river walk. We were not disappointed. I managed to snap a few sunset photos along the river before we finally decided on a restaurant to eat at.



You can’t go to Savannah and not try some of their seafood. Max and Ami tried some crawfish while I had a shrimp po’ boy. Check that one off the bucket list!



After dinner, we started hitting the bars. If you ever make it to Savannah, make sure you got to Wet Willie’s. They have adult (read: alcoholic) slushies! Ok, fine; they’re really daiquiris. Here’s a picture of about a third of their selection. Bonus: you can mix and match different flavors! My favorite was Bahama Mama mixed with some Pina Colada. Delish!


Saturday was spent at Tybee Island. Check back tomorrow for a post entirely about Tybee! I’ll say this – the beaches had sugary white sand and the water was warm. What else could I have asked for? 🙂

Sunday was devoted to exploring the historic part of Savannah. Max and I started our day out with a coffee overlooking the river. Just outside our hotel was this fantastic World War II memorial.




After coffee, the three of us literally walked all over the city. I think we ended up seeing about fifteen of the twenty something squares. In between the amazing brick houses, there was breakfast at Henry’s Diner, antique shopping, and relaxing in Forsyth Park.


While sitting on a park bench, a young man approached Max and I. He asked if one of us could take some pictures of him and his girlfriend. Then as he handed me the camera, he said in a hushed tone, “I’m proposing.” I must have taken about fifty pictures of them! They were adorable! Forsyth Park will always hold a special place in my heart now.



Maybe my next hobby will be professional photography? Who knows!

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