Day Trip to Tybee Island

Half way through our Savannah adventure, Max, Ami and I decided to take a day trip out to Tybee Island. Pronounced tib-ee, not tie-bee. Who knew, right? I always say it wrong!

The island was much like Amelia with one exception: it was much more geared towards tourists. Case in point, you had to pay for parking everywhere. Having come from a big city, I understand the importance of metered parking; do I enjoy it? Definitely not. I scoured the island for free parking. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist ūüė¶

The one up side to being super touristy: great places to stock up on beach gear! I said in my Amelia Island post that Max and I were becoming beach people. Last Saturday, we took advantage of the location and bought a big umbrella and a body board. Score one for the Willets!

Our first stop of the day was at Captain Mike’s Dolphin Tours. I dropped Max and Ami off so they could go kayaking. I so should have¬†gone with them! They saw baby dolphins¬†and kayaked around the Cockspur Island Lighthouse.




I know what you’re thinking. What does that small sign say? It reads, “Do not throw your cigarettes in the marsh. Our alligators are developing cancer.” hehe

Rather than go kayaking (again), I decided to give Max and his sister some alone time. Plus, it gave me some¬†free time of my own.¬†The Tybee Island Light Station was calling my name and I knew Max wouldn’t care to see it.¬†Very picturesque, don’t you think?




Just steps away from the lighthouse, I discovered this sign tucked between some sand dunes. Down the beach, I caught a glimpse of the bride, groom and the entire bridal party. Sigh. It was a classic beach wedding. Perfect for a laid back Saturday occasion.


That’s when Max called; back to¬†Captain Mike’s I went to pick them up.¬†Sporting our new lime green umbrella, beach chairs, and cooler, we rolled past the sand dunes and set up camp.


The cool breeze, warm water and sugary white sand beaches made for a relaxing day. Perfect for catching up with family and working on my tan!


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