Dazzling Duchess

Last Thursday, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out onto the red carpet glittering from head to toe. Nothing less than perfection would be appropriate for this royal’s official return to society. In a fairly predictable move, Kate turned to one of her favorite designers, Jenny Packham, for the special occasion.

Now, I’m normally not one to criticize Kate Middleton’s fashions; in fact, I’d like to think I’m one of her biggest fans, but I have to say: I was not particularly fond of the evening dress she wore to the Tusk Trust awards. Never in a million years would I have guessed that Kate would choose such a juvenile looking ensemble.

Sequins. Insert eye roll. I hate sequins. Always have. Here’s Kate from the charity last week.


Sequins will occasionally grace a piece in a top designer’s collection, but rarely are they the staple. They’re the playful aspect of a designer’s vision. Succinctly: sequins are strictly tolerated, but not encouraged and are almost always used in small doses.

The one upside to a dazzling, decked out sequined dress: their extremely forgiving nature. The light refracts in such a way creating an optical illusion and shrouding the wearer in an aura of light. Very fitting, especially considering Kate only had Prince George a mere 56 days ago.

It’s really the entire dress that just irks me. Kate’s worn sequined dresses before and rocked it, even made me question my deep-seated hatred of the small crystal like pieces.

The last time Kate donned a sequined piece was way back in 2011 on her North American tour. Again, the designer culprit was Jenny Packham, though this time, the evening dress eluded a chic, almost ethereal elegance.


The semi-patterned dress oozed with texture and delicate chiffon sleeves, completely unlike Kate’s ensemble last week. The Tusk Trust evening dress was one continuous cascade of chunky sequins reminiscent of a bad prom dress from the 80’s. Ick.

The Duchess’s latest fashion exploit was understandable and courageous from a fashion sense.  And who knows? Maybe this is the next trend to hit the industry. Kate’s been known to spark a fashion revolution or two in her day. In spite of this fashion foul, I’m remaining optimistic about Kate’s style compass.

Let’s chaulk this one up to sleep deprivation and a momentary lapse in judgment. Hopefully Jenny Packham doesn’t lead my favorite royal down the wrong path again.


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