The Chance to Live Like Royalty

Word on the street is that the sleepy town of Anglesey will be losing its three most famous inhabitants. With the official announcement last week that William will not be continuing his career as a RAF search and rescue pilot, the Cambridges intend to move back to London. Specifically into the newly renovated Kensington Palace where William spent a majority of his childhood.

That means the house they’ve been renting is going back on the market. Yay for Kate Middleton fans everywhere!

Throughout their first few years of marriage, Will and Kate remained tucked away in Wales, sheltered from the public eye. Their remote farmhouse afforded them the much needed privacy they craved and allowed them to be a semi-normal couple instead of the world’s most doted upon duo.

The quaint cottage, nestled in the rolling countryside, could offer a glimpse into what life was like for the royal couple. Is that glimpse something you would consider if you were in the rental market? What about if the price tripled (potential renters could say they’ve lived where the future King of England’s lived!)?

Would you consider renting the Cambridges’ old digs or pass up the opportunity entirely? And most importantly, does it even matter to you if someone ultra-famous lived in the home you were moving into? It’s not like Wills and Kate live there anymore.

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