Mark Your Calendars! Kate’s Upcoming Events

At the beginning of summer, the Duchess of Cambridge went on her official maternity leave. Her absence sent a ripple (ok, a shockwave) of anxiety throughout the media and arguably greater society. Without the Empress of Fashion herself, who else would reporters and gossip hungry bloggers write about daily? Well, I guess the better question is, who else could they write about that would draw so many readers?

Love her or hate her (I think you know what side I’m on), Kate Middleton can certainly command a headline.

Since July, Kate’s appeared in public approximately three times. Once, outside the hospital when she and Prince William whisked their little bundle of joy away; again, unexpectedly at the Ring O’ Fire Coastal Ultra Marathon in North Wales; and finally, at the Tusk Trust awards dinner in London.

Nearly four weeks later, the Cambridges are moved into their new home at Kensington Palace. I’m hoping this means we’ll see a lot more of Kate.

Here are all the official events scheduled in the new few weeks. You know what that means: more opportunities to see how Kate’s fashion has evolved as she settles into her new role. Yay!

  1. Friday, October 18th – SportsAid Event at Queen Elizabeth Park
  2. Wednesday, October 23rd – Prince George’s Christening
  3. Sunday, November 10th – Remembrance Sunday (unconfirmed)
  4. Friday, December 6th – Medals Parade with Irish Guard (unconfirmed)

Personally, I’m more a fan of Kate’s semi-formal engagements. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pair of Jimmy Choos just as much as the next girl, but it’s refreshing to see a picture of her wearing a Zara top; that’s something I can actually buy off the rack! If it were on sale, that is 🙂

Which event are you most looking forward to?


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