Fitness Plan: Week 44

So rather than do another confessional post, I figured I’d just mash my apology into this post. I’m sorry I skipped last week’s fitness plan 😦 But just because I didn’t post, doesn’t mean I didn’t work out. I actually squeezed in four runs. They were all great.

Here’s how last week turned out:

Monday, 21 October – 7 mile run

Tuesday, 22 October – Rest

Wednesday, 23 October – Official Air Force PT (3.5 miles)

Thursday, 24 October – 2.5 hilly run

Friday, 25 October – Rest

Saturday, 26 OctoberMacon’s Run or Dye 5K

Monday’s 7 mile run just kind of happened. There’s a 3.5 mile loop on base and I was just running along, listening to my awesome techno inspired music mix. I passed the finish marker and everything felt great, so I just completed another loop. I finished in just under 55 minutes. Woo!

Here’s my fitness plan for this upcoming week:

Monday, 28 October – 7 mile run

Tuesday, 29 October – Rest

Wednesday, 30 October – Official Air Force PT

Thursday, 31 October – Cross Training

Friday, 1 November – Rest

Saturday, 2 November – Cross Training

Sunday, 3 November – 3.5 mile run

Back on track with my fitness plans! 🙂


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