Macon’s Run or Dye

Yesterday I ran in Macon’s Run or Dye 5k. It was a balmy 34 degrees when I left my house. I honestly didn’t know Georgia got that cold. The brisk weather was offset by the fantastic sunrise.



The race took place at the regional airport. Aside from the first treacherous stretch of roughly mowed brush, the course was wide, grassy and flat.



If you’ve never done a color run, here’s how they work. You run a 5k on an open course and every kilometer, you run past volunteers who douse you in color. At the end of the race, all the runners gather for a concert. At a certain point, the DJ plays a trigger song and that’s when the real fun begins. You take your color packets and toss to your heart’s content.



My friends and I happened to be in the middle of the color mosh pit, dye zone, concert. I remember thinking before the music started, “this color run was so lame – you can barely tell I got hit with color.”

Then the dyeing frenzy commenced.



I think purple hair is a good look for me, don’t you think?



At the end of the day, I had a blast painting the Georgia sky 🙂 I’ll definitely be doing a Run or Dye again!

Have you ever done a color run? 


14 thoughts on “Macon’s Run or Dye

    • Hopefully one comes to a town near you! It honestly was the best 5k I’ve ever run! If it’s a bit far to travel, you could always make a weekend trip out of it 🙂

    • They’re a blast! And I thought the purple was a fun hair color! Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Perhaps when I get out of the Air Force, I’ll dye it for a while!

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