Fancy Farmhouse Headboard: Part II

Earlier this week, I posted the basic plan I used for our Fancy Farmhouse headboard. I deviated slightly from Ana White’s design, but only because I felt it streamlined the plan a smidge. Basically I screwed together the 1×2 trim using my kreg jig and then glued/clamped it to the center panel. For extra sturdiness, I then screwed the trim into the center panel from the backside.

The headboard is constructed, but what about the most important part – the finish? Max and I both love the warmth and character of stained wood. So even though it’s more difficult to attain, I decided to go for the gold and stain our headboard a rich mahogany color.

Here’s how our Fancy Farmhouse headboard turned out!


First coat of stain


Second coat of stain


Detail shot

What do you think? Isn’t our Fancy Farmhouse headboard the most Pottery Barn-esque headboard you’ve ever seen? Not bad for a DIY project.

The best part: this completely custom headboard only cost roughly $150 for all the boards, screws, and stain! What a bargain!

I still need to put a coat of polyurethane to seal the finish and make our headboard look completely professional. In Fancy Farmhouse Headboard: Part III, I’ll post pictures of how everything came together in our master bedroom. Yay! I’m so excited!

Disclaimer: Part III probably won’t get posted for a few weeks 😦 I know, I wish it could be sooner too!


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