About This Morning…

Every Wednesday, I have official PT with the other military folks in my office. There’s about fifteen or so of us that gather in the early morning hours to get a good workout in before the day starts. Like clockwork, I find that every Wednesday is both physically and mentally draining as the early morning workouts make the day drag on and on and on. (I’m really ot a morning person. Can you tell?)

Typically, we rotate between three exercise regimes every week. Week 1 consists of playing basketball. Now, above I said that fifteen or so of us gather to workout. All – as in fourteen of the fifteen – are guys. Combine that with different ranks, lack of coffee and a high level of competitiveness and you’ve got yourself one hell of a spectacle. It always starts out the same: an innocent basketball match, good humored and fun. But about ten minutes in, the elbows start flying and people get tripped and emotions run high as the fouls start adding up. As the only girl, I usually just run up and down the sideline, occasionally getting passed the ball and taking a shot; but there’s no way I’d ever want to get tangled up in that hot mess of a game. I hate saying this, but basketball PT days are my least favorite because I feel that it panders mostly to the male ego and temperament more than to mine.

To each his own though, right? I get it – basketballs not for everyone. So why don’t we switch it up between various sports? That’s a mystery I’ll never solve unfortunately 😦

Week 2 is usually a track workout. Some weeks it’s brutal and other weeks it’s a joke. It all depends on your individual motivation going into it. Personally, I hate being the caboose on any workout train, so I always push myself to at least be in the middle of the pack (and that’s on a bad day). I’d love to up in the front, but I doubt I’ll ever run a sub 7 mile. Oops.

Week 3 is my favorite: a 5k loop on base at your own pace. I bring my iPhone, turn up my music and zone out for 3.1 glorious miles as the sun rises. That is nothing short of perfection and on those days, I always find that by the time I fall in bed, I’m mostly only physically tired, not mentally. Running to me is therapy. I find it very energizing.

Today was a basketball day. Without exaggerating, I’ll just say that things go way too competitive. And that’s when I realized: I enjoy team sports, but I prefer solo workouts.

Please don’t take it personally if I decline to go running with you. When I work out, I’m not in the mood to gossip or chit chat. I want to get my heart rate up, my blood pumping. I want to work through some stress and pent up emotions. I want to zone out or reflect on the day, week or month. I’m not trying to be rude. I just enjoy alone time, especially when working out.

Funny what you can uncover in the midst of a tense basketball game, huh?


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