Workplace Idioms

We all have them, I’m sure. Common phrases that we hear repeatedly in the office. Some bring smiles to our faces, others make us cringe. Still others defy all logic and make you wonder who started circulating them at all.

I was sitting in a briefing today when so many of these buzzwords came tumbling out of the presenter’s mouth. Without even thinking about it, I started to compile a list. At a certain point, and I’m not sure if the presenter was aware of this, nearly every other word was one of these idioms. If you bleeped them out, the briefing would have held little to no meaning whatsoever,

Without any further delay, the list:

  • “Do more with less”
  • “Bloom where you’re planted”
  • “I get it, I really do”
  • “We’re struggling and that’s ok”
  • “My door’s always open” or “Remember, I have an open door policy”
  • “What you do is important”
  • “Never lose sight of the mission”
  • “We can talk about that later”
  • “You’re the tip of the spear”
  • “Back when I was a Lieutenant/Captain/Major, things were done like this”
  • “In this fiscal environment…”
  • “Move with urgency and a sense of purpose”
  • “Money’s tight and it’s only getting tighter”
  • “Remember your warrior ethos”

That leads me to this conclusion: Has our society watered down basic communication so much that it’s become garbled and incoherent? Are we so focused on being politically correct that we’ve lost sight entirely?

What do you think? Have I missed any other idioms? If so, put them in the comments section below!


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