Style Crown Showdown

For the past few weeks I keep seeing all these articles comparing Duchess Kate with Prince Harry’s girlfriend Cressida Bonas. The pair have been an item for a little over a year now and with their recent trip to Sandringham and increased public outings, it’s no wonder Cressy’s name keeps appearing in more headlines.

But to say that the Prince’s girlfriend is giving Kate Middleton “a run for her money in the style stakes” as Entertainment Wise put it, is just downright laughable. The two women’s styles, expectations, and public scrutiny are the polar opposite of each other.

As a member of the royal family, decorum dictates what and how Kate should dress. Given the long laundry list of what is and is not acceptable for a hemline for example, I’d say the Duchess does a superb job of balancing antiquated fashion decorum with both expensive and affordable outfits. Everywhere we see Kate, she’s stylishly clad in heels or wedges with a figure flattering, chic dress or overcoat. She dresses fashion forward, yet still remains completely poised and timeless.

As Prince Harry’s girlfriend, Cressida has bit more latitude in what she can be caught photographed in. Her style has more of a bohemian flair to it with her maxi dresses, plaid jackets, biker boots and leggings. In my opinion, the two women’s styles are hardly comparable, but I’ll give it my best shot 🙂

Let’s take a look at some of the two lady’s past looks. You be the judge for whether or not Cressida is rivaling Kate’s status as a fashion and style icon!

1) “Going to a Formal Event” Look


2) “Yet Another Formal Event” Look


3) “Ravishing in White” Look


4) “Red Hot Blazer” Look


5) “Downtown London” Look


6) “Relaxed and Out n’ About” Look


7) “Black Blazer” Look


8) “Sporty n Comfy” Look


From these eight looks, I think it’s safe to say that Kate’s style crown is still quite safe. Cressida may not have the rigid fashion decorum or the lofty expectations of the general public, but her overall fashion sense is a bit too laid back for this blogger. It’s one thing to dress casually; it’s another entirely to just be downright sloppy. Perhaps it’s a generational gap, who knows?

At the end of the day, Kate and her fabulous sense of style win out again.


2 thoughts on “Style Crown Showdown

  1. If Cressida goal is to be part of the royal family she would do well to follow Kate’s example of poise and grace. A fashion consultant would be nice too!!! I think sloppy is a generous adjective!

    • Definitely agree! You can’t look like Avril Lavigne just rolled out a bed and expect people to admire your fashion sense. I don’t get why people are even comparing them!

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