Guest Bedroom Design Snippets

My master bedroom projects are coming to a close as I type. With the end on the near horizon, I’ve set my sights on finishing up another part of the house: our guest bedroom. Right now it’s basically a storage room for all of Max’s deployment gear.

Translation: it’s a completely blank slate. Yay!

I’ve been giving it some serious thought for how I’d like our guests to feel when they walk through the door to their glorious guest room. Retro? Modern? Rustic? Contemporary? It needs to be an extension of the rest of our house and yet still have a clearly defined atmosphere.

Now, I’ve never been to design school, but I do know that most designers  start with an inspiration piece. I found this gem on Etsy. I knew immediately the direction our guest bedroom decor would take. Three words that will describe this space are comfy, country and chic.

Inspiration Piece. I plan on hanging it above the headboard.

photo 1

Reclaimed Wood Headboard (can’t wait to build this!). Definitely will not have a zebra pillow. Ew.

photo 3

Providence Bench. (Also pretty psyched about building this!)

photo 2

Bedding. Yes, I’ve already scoured the internet for the perfect bedding collection. The answer my friends is the Harper Paisley Duvet Set; it’s from Pottery Barn and it’s perfect. Now that I’m exiled in Georgia, I miss all my favorite stores like Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware and especially Pottery Barn 😦

photo 4

So this is a splurge item. That’s why it gets two pictures in this post! In my mind the cost is justifiable because it’s a statement piece that 1) sets the tone for the entire room and 2) coordinates perfectly with the Montana artwork that I intend to hang above 5

Now that I have direction for the guest bedroom, I’m chomping at the bit to throw it all together. Several things need to fall into place though first.

Erin’s To-Do List

  1. Finish Master Bedroom Nightstands (need two coats of poly)
  2. Set up Master Bedroom (attach headboard and set up nightstands)
  3. Build Reclaimed Wood Headboard (plan from
  4. Build Providence Bench (plan from
  5. Purchase Montana Artwork
  6. Purchase Bedding from the best store on the planet (Pottery Barn aka PB)

As the guest bedroom is assembled, I’ll post pictures of how everything comes together. Stay tuned hodgepodgers!


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