Fitness Plan: Week 50

This week was a good one for me. Mostly I stuck to the plan I laid out last Sunday; the only day I deviated was Thursday. I was supposed to run a 5k loop on base, but work ended up getting crazy and I didn’t leave until well after it was dark. More than anything I hate running on a treadmill and so I rewarded myself with an extra day off. I know, I know…

Much like any other fitness regime, if it’s something you love you don’t realize what a good workout it is until the end of the day when you collapse into bed. Saturday and Sunday were all about finishing off FOUR hodgepodge woodworking projects – 2 nightstands for our master bedroom (post to follow!) and a headboard and bench for our guest room (also a post will follow!). In between finishing those, I did yard work – raking pine needles, pruning hedges and shrubbery and pulling weeds – all of my least favorite chores 😦 I feel I have to intersperse the yard work with the woodworking because if it weren’t for my fun hobbies, I wouldn’t find the motivation to do the chores. Does anyone else get that way?

Anyways, I digress…

This week looks similar to last week: spinning two days in a row, a run at the end of the week and more woodworking. Yay!

Monday, 9 December – Spinning Class

Tuesday, 10 December – Spinning Class

Wednesday, 11 December – Official Air Force PT

Thursday, 12 December – 5k Run

Friday, 13 December – Rest

Saturday, 14 December – Woodworking

Sunday, 15 December – Rest

Until next week, happy holidays and best of luck to everyone in their fitness endeavors!


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