Starbucks: My Second Home

There’s something magical about Starbucks. The light atmosphere, the soft alternative and festive music playing in the background, the ridiculously comfy leather chairs. Whenever I need to be productive, gather my thoughts, or mellow out, I always head to a Starbucks. (Barnes and Noble used to be my oasis, but Georgia seems to be short on supply of them. Unfortunately.)

Alright, I’ll be honest with you, Panera is also an oasis of mine. So I guess the title of this post should really be Starbucks and Panera: My Second Homes.

I’m sitting in a Starbucks though, soaking up the carefreeness and writing this post. So score one for Starbucks.

It’s odd really. In Warner Robins, we have a fantastic Panera but a meager little Starbucks. It was an afterthought, I’m sure. There’s only two pathetic leather chairs and three small bistro tables. It’s almost like one of those kiosks you find in a Nordstroms or JC Penneys. Because of the uninviting atmosphere, I rarely retreat to that Starbucks. It’s a shame. But our Panera is large, roomy with lots of seating, and a cozy fireplace. The only downside is that the wifi can be a bit dodgy. It’s the best in my neck of the woods, so when I’m at home, I tend to gravitate towards Panera.

When I make the journey down to Valdosta though, Starbucks always calls my name. Mostly because of the wonderous location, ample seating and the fact that it’s rarely ridiculously busy. That and the fact that Valdosta doesn’t have a Panera. I repeat, it does not have a Panera. I figured that a college town for sure would have one, but alas, I was wrong. So when I’m in Max’s neck of the woods, I always end up at a Starbucks, pounding away at my keyboard or reading whatever book I’m in the middle of.

I suppose it keeps my life balanced, having my two favorite places separated by so much distance. I’m the type of person that once I’ve found a favorite, I tend to be a repeat customer. My philosophy is simple: once I’ve found something fantastic, a gem, why would I continue to look for something better? That might be a little narrow minded or simplistic, but I’m ok with it. It’s only Georgia after all and we don’t have many options for something better to begin with. So this frame of mind has served me well these last seven months.

Back to the point.

On gloomy overcast days like today, when the sun refuses to shine and the temperatures are a bit lower than I’d like, I really appreciate my Starbucks oasis. My skinny peppermint mocha and old fashioned donut are the perfect way to kickstart my morning.

I said earlier that I come here when I want to be productive. That was a bit of a loaded statement. You see, I’ve been tackling several hodgepodge tasks while Max has been deployed, namely building our master bedroom headboard and nightstands as well as our guest room furniture. Last night was a milestone in my projects. The master bedroom is set up and the guest room is set up, minus the mattress (because we’re buying that when Max gets back in a few months). In addition to staging everything last night, I also gave our bathrooms a little makeover and revamped our entryway.

With all those projects officially notched off my list, I’m eager to start on some others.

Here’s my revised to-do list now that all my previous projects are complete:

  1. Build a candle tray for the entryway
  2. Build two picture ledges for our Master Bedroom
  3. Build a beer pong table (for all the fun filled parties we plan on throwing when Max returns)
  4. Build a corn hole set (if you’ve never played this, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!)
  5. Build Max’s surprise present

Stick with me as I start one round two of my hodgepodge woodworking projects! Thanks Starbucks for giving me the inspiration and focus to decide what I want to build next 🙂


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