Simple Little Holiday Joys

In August, I wrote a post entitled Simple Little Joys. Here’s a small excerpt:

There it was neatly tucked inside my narrow mailbox: a small package addressed to both Max and I. The day had finally come! Our wedding photos were in this tiny, little Fort-Knox’ed box. My fingers tightened around the corners and a huge grin spread across my face.

In the blink of an eye, it felt like Christmas again. Pure joy overtook me. I bounded up the steps to my apartment, threw my bag and keys on the entryway table and collapsed on the floor, eager to open the package.

Our wedding photographer, Jenny Wohrle, has mailed Max and I our wedding photos – all 9654of them. I remember pure joy coursing through my very veins as I realized, not only had she included a thumb drive of the photos, she’d also given us a heartfelt thank you note, some salty caramel dark chocolates and three mini accordion picture albums.


You’ll notice that I mentioned it felt like Christmas. Fast forward four months to yesterday. On a whim, I checked my mailbox. It being the holiday season though, I figured I should check just in case.

I was not dissappointed. Much like that fateful day back in August, another small package was addressed to both Max and I. The careful cursive handwriting piqued my interest. As I looked at the From area of the package, my heart swelled with joy. It was from Jenny.

A surge of excitement ran down my spine and for the first time this holiday season, it really did feel like Christmas!

Inside the package was a burlap bag with a small tag that said Merry Christmas, Love Jenny; inside the burlap bag was a framed ornament with a picture of us on our wedding day and a metal placard with 2013 engraved on it.

photo 2

Again, Jenny’s thought, generosity and downright sincerity left me speechless. Max and I didn’t just share our special day with her; we made a lifelong friend.

Do you have any simple little holiday joys that have warmed your heart recently? Share below in the comments!


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