Fitness Plan: Week 52

Well, talk about pot calling the kettle black…or however that saying goes. Last week, I was all motivated to work out. I laid out my plan carefully. It was optimistic at best. What can I say? I had lofty expectations for my fitness endeavors.

I started off great – went to spinning on Monday. Tuesday though – eeck. I was literally on my way out the door when my supervisor stopped by and said she needed a document before I left. Dang it. I flipped my computer back on and left work about five minutes before spinning class ended.

Air Force PT was a joke. We played wallyball, a fun version of volleyball in an indoor racketball court. If you’ve never played, it’s a lot of fun. In terms of intensity though, it’s lacking. Thursday I ran a 5k at a moderate pace, did some abs, and finished the day off with sprints.

Friday and Saturday I took off. And today, I went on another run. This hasn’t deterred me from publishing another fitness plan, my last for 2013! We all stray from our intended fitness plans every once in a while, right?

Monday, 23 December – 5k Run

Tuesday, 24 December – Cross Training

Wednesday, 25 December – Rest for Christmas!

Thursday, 26 December – Interval Running

Friday, 27 December – Rest

Saturday, 28 December – 5k Run

Sunday, 29 December – Rest

Happy last week of 2013 hodgepodgers! Hope everyone has a glorious holiday and Christmas!


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