Symbolic Events, Traditions, and the Royals

British royal protocol dictates that two future heirs to the throne must travel separately. Though this notion screams self-preservation, it lacks common sense. Any parent, regardless of being royal or not, would opt to travel together as a family if their child wasn’t even a year old.

You know who I’m talking about: the Cambridges.

Yesterday, reps for Kate and William announced that on their upcoming Australian tour, scheduled for late spring 2014, they would be bringing Prince George with them. And he wouldn’t be following separately on a different plane; he’ll be riding alongside his parents on their chartered flight across the pond.

I really don’t blame them. If Max and I had children, there’s no way I’d let any type of protocol dictate our travel habits. And Max and I are both in the military; trust me, we’re a family that’s more than familiar with protocol.

This seems to be a trend for the Cambridges, their breaking with antiquated traditions. With each passing day, the Duchess and her family continue to modernize the monarchy. I applaud them for that; it’s about time that the royal family was brought up to speed with the 21st century.

In a similar vein, while Kate and Wills strategically break with tradition as they see fit for their family, the royal couple has made it a point to draw many parallels to significant events in Prince William’s past.

Their outfits were reminiscent of Charles and Diana’s when they announced their own engagement.

photo 2

They modeled their engagement photos after Charles and Diana’s.

photo 1

They recreated the historic kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on their wedding day.

photo 3

They chose the same hospital as Diana did to bring George into this world; they even dressed similarly for their big departure from St Mary’s Hospital the next day.

photo 4

In the glittering world of long lineages, intense tradition, and strict etiquette, where their every move is compared, critiqued and documented, Kate and William seem to be utilizing their own inner compass to navigate the murky waters. And it’s this hodgepodger’s humble opinion that they’re doing a top notch job of it.

Unlike many of the distant and unpopular predecessors before them, William and Kate have that knack, that charm for honoring the past with something as simple as a similar stance, pose, or outfit. Their relationship continues to dredge up the happy moments from Charles and Diana’s relationship and William’s upbringing. It’s tactful, respectful and a clever way to meld the past with the present so the United Kingdom can have a brighter future.


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