Epcot’s World Showcase: “Drinking Around the World”

Disney’s Epcot is quite possibly the most adult friendly of the various parks. The rides are mostly eh and I imagine that’s not what draws the older crowds. Ages ago (alright in September), Max and I spent a weekend at Disney World. Our final day of the trip was reserved solely for Epcot.

The source of appeal, you ask? Why the World Showcase.

It’s eleven countries fatastically arranged around a large pond. When the park closes, there’s a dazzling fireworks display that’s even more appreciated considering the fact that most adults over 21 and without any tots in tow try to drink around the world. Yes, have a drink (or two) at each of the eleven countries.

A word to the wise: this endeavor, though fun and memorable, is quite costly. Between Max and I, we spent close to $250 on alcohol alone. Ouch. So if you’re going to commit to this escapade, commit and don’t look back.

Do it for the memories! You won’t regret it πŸ™‚



Nothing special at this stop, the first of our eleven. All they had were margaritas and some cheap beer. I opted for beer because I’m not a marg fan. I know, I know…



Only beer at this stop. It was all quality beers though, which I enjoyed.



Max and I enjoyed some fruity drinks and an acrobatic performance.



At this point, it was late afternoon and we were both hungry. Max and I love German cuisine so we decided to share a plate of food.


When ordering, we realized that at each of the countries, the employees could speak that particular language. When in Rome…er…I mean Germany, right? We ordered our food in German πŸ™‚ It was fantastic!



Mostly wine and sangria at this stop. I suppose the Italians have more refined palates.



Our homeland! Max and I opted for beer and for a short time wanted to attend one of the performances. Unfortunately, we were determined to drink at all of the countries before departing for the day. Our crunched timeline meant we had to forego the performance.



Saki! And sushi. We were hungry again πŸ™‚



Between Japan and Morocco, there was a brief interlude of rain that swept through Epcot. Twenty minutes later and we were finally on the north shores of Africa. Having been to Morocco myself, I know that the food is fantastic and delicious. Again, Max and I shared a plate of food.


I was pleasantly surprised and dazzled by this country’s rendering. True to Moroccan architecture and ideals, I felt the most transported by this country.



More sweet and fruity drinks. Dusk was setting in at this point and we still had two more countries to visit. It was a good thing we decided to walk and drink at the same time, the UK ended up being a pretty busy place. The pubs were all chock full.


United Kingdom

Only beer in the UK. All of the pubs were busting at the seams. It took nearly 20 minutes to get up to the bar and order. I wasn’t as impressed; more than anything, I felt like I was back at a bar in Boston. Meh…

I regret to say that the last country, Canada, was not captured via a picture. One, it was too dark and two, I’d had too much to drink. Can I say that? πŸ™‚

All in all, the World Showcase was awesome. I really enjoyed being transported around the world in a matter of hours. The sights, atmosphere, food and drinks all contributed to one magical evening. If you’ve never attempted to drink around the world, I’d suggest starting at Disney World’s Epcot.


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