Perfectly Poised: Pinpointing Kate’s Style

It all started with a LBD. You probably thought I was talking about a little black dress. No my friends, what I meant was a little blue dress. The day Kate Middleton stepped out in front of hundreds of photographers in that royal blue wrap dress is the day that the fashion world came to a grinding halt.


I’ve long been a fan of Kate’s fashions, but ever since the announcement of her engagement to Prince William (and half the world finally started paying attention to her every move), her style has continued to evolve. Like a fine wine, Kate’s sense of style improves every year while still maintaining that eternally chic look and affordable price.

This post focuses exclusively on Kate’s royal fashion evolution, starting with her iconic Issa dress that sent the entire fashion world swooning back in November 2010.

Following the Issa engagement dress was of course the most important dress she’ll ever wear: her wedding dress. I would be remiss if I didn’t include this ensemble in this post. After all, what provides more insight into a woman’s fashion style than her wedding gown?


Designer: Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen
Event: Royal Wedding (April 2011)


Designer: Reiss
Event: Epsom Derby (June 2011)


Designer: Erdem
Event: Canadian Tour (July 2011)


Designer: Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen
Event: BAFTA Brits to Watch Event (July 2011)


Designer: Jenny Packham
Event: US Tour (July 2011)


Designer: Missoni
Event: Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee (March 2012)


Designer: Orla Keily
Event: Dulwich Picture Gallery Visit (March 2012)


Designer: Jenny Packham
Event: Olympic Gala (May 2012)


Designer: Alexander McQueen
Event: Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee (June 2012)


Designer: Emilia Wickstead
Event: St. Patrick’s Day (March 2013)


Designer: Tara Jarmon
Event: Naomi House Children’s Hospice Visit (April 2013)


Designer: Temperley
Event: SportsBall (November 2013)

Thirteen ensembles; that’s how many pieces of evidence appear in this post. To me, three things stand out about Kate’s style:

  1. Each look has clean lines and is tailored to fit her body.
  2. Accessories are kept to a minimum – no nonsense heels, simplistic jewelry that enhances the overall outfit, and a statement clutch.
  3. Every spectrum of color is utilized, maximizing her wardrobe’s variety and appeal.

Common sense tells me that there’s a reason Kate’s fashion sense has become so well renowned – she sticks to the basics, doesn’t fall prey to trends or fads and continues to embody the essence of a classy style icon.

Do you have any items in your closet that you think Kate might venture to wear?


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