8 Lessons from our Disney World Adventure

  1. Download the Disney Mobile Magic app. With this app, you can see estimated wait times for each of the attractions at every park in Disney. The information is updated in real time and let’s you know if there are any FASTPASSes left.
  2. Worried about burning through all your data? Don’t worry – each park at Disney has free wifi. So don’t forget to turn on your phone’s wifi.
  3. If you stay at a Disney resort, the hotel offer free shuttle service to each of the parks. Just make sure you make a mental note of how late the busses run.
  4. If using the free shuttle service via a Disney resort, make sure you catch the earliest bus. The parks are less crowded earlier in the day (much like any theme park, I suppose.)
  5. As soon as you arrive at the park, take a peek at the park’s map via the Disney Mobile Magic app. If there aren’t lines for the major attractions, go ride them first. If lines have already formed, pick up your FASTPASS as quickly as possible.
  6. If planning a future trip to the park, I’d recommend going during the week and in the late fall/winter or early spring when most children are in school and the weather isn’t nearly as unforgiving.
  7. You can bring your own snacks and food into the park. If you’re trying to trim costs, bring a backpack with water and some picnic food. Like any theme park, the price for a drop of soda is absorbent.
  8. If going without kids, make sure you try and drink around the world at Disney’s Epcot. It’s the most adult appropriate fun one can have in the most magical place on earth.

10 thoughts on “8 Lessons from our Disney World Adventure

    • I loved our trip to Disney! It was my first time and it made me feel like a kid again 🙂 We didn’t get a chance to stop by universal studios though so I’m thinking that we’ll be down south again here in the next couple months 😉

      • I’ve been to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. If you only can go to one, go to Islands it’s so much more fun. They also have Harry Potter World 🙂

  1. Hey! I wish I knew before but when I attempted to change my blog address (fitrebs), I lost all my followers and all I was following! I needed a new start after a stressful few months and a lack of blogging. Just wanted to say I still came to your blog to read! I love this though…i’m going to disney on Sunday and doing the half there next week. I JUST downloaded the app this morning. It’s crazy how much up to date information it has for you!! Glad you had such a great trip, i’m so excited to go back there! 🙂

    • Hey there! Sorry it took so long for me to reply! That’s so unfortunate you lost all your followers (I just started following your new blog name 🙂 ) Thanks for stopping by and reading Hodgepodge! You’re soo sweet! Good luck with your Disney trip and half marathon. Hopefully the weather warms back up a bit so it isn’t too chilly for you!

  2. We went to Disney back before we had kids and it taught us so much about what not to do when we do eventually go as a family. Like… if your kid still takes naps, take that into account when you’re at the park at nap time. If they’re whiney and tired, whose fault is that really? We saw some crazy stuff like parents carrying their sleeping children onto the last ride of the night at 10:30 pm at Epcot. Is that enjoyable? I think not. 🙂

    Love your tips too!

    • Yes! We don’t have kids yet, but we decided that if we ever go to Disney with kids 1) they’ll be old enough to remember it and 2) they’ll be old enough to appreciate it. We saw so many families with one year olds and toddlers! I know creating memories is important, but there are plenty of other opportunities to make memories that don’t cost thousands of dollars 🙂 One parent was carrying their kid around and she was sleeping! That’s not making memories at all! I can’t believe some parents cart their children around so late at night! Ridiculous! We’ll definitely be going back to Disney. It was fantastic! Have you been back since your first visit?

      • Ya, I went twice as a child (lucky me) and then that third time as an adult. So much had changed. There were so many more parks. When I was growing up they were just building the movie studio park when I was there.

        Truth be told we are planning a trip to Florida in February to take advantage of my parents time share. And we will probably do a day at the Magic Kingdom. But we will have realistic expectations about what we can accomplish that day. 🙂

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