Return to Hodgepodge and a Homecoming

Happy 2014 hodgepodgers! Yes, I took a brief hiatus from blogging for the first few weeks of the new year. Allow me to explain ๐Ÿ™‚

First off, every year I do a cleanse to rid my body of built up toxins. I’ve done a lot of research on cleansing and there seems to be a lot of opinions out there. It’s unhealthy; it’s ineffective; it’s a sham. Let me assure you, I monitor my body’s reaction every time I cleanse and I never, never, never ignore any unique response. (I’ve never had a negative experience with cleansing and honestly, I’m of the opinion that if it makes me feel better, then I don’t see the harm in it.)

Does anyone else do an annual cleanse?

Well, this year, I figured that for the duration of my cleanse, I would abstain from blogging. If I’m ridding my body of toxins, why not take a break from the cyber world too? My apologies for not alerting you ahead of time; it was a last minute decision. While I missed Hodgepodge Pilot’s Wife, I found this cleanse to be my most productive – mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally. And I think the time out from the internet and all the processed foods played a significant role in that success.

Second, (and I’m so sorry I couldn’t let you all in on my BIG secret!) I was prepping for Max’s return! As you know, my husband deployed to Afghanistan back in September. We were told initially that he’d return some time in February.

Well…I got a call on Christmas Eve that his unit was getting shipped back early. The original February date was advertised because they weren’t sure how quickly they could arrange for transport back to the States. Needless to say, I was beyond thrilled that he was coming home nearly a month earlier than anticipated!

photo 1

Due to the military OPSEC (operation security) policies, the quick return couldn’t be advertised publicly, much less over the internet. If the bad guys had key information (pick up dates, locations, crews, mission, etc), they could exploit the information ย and potentially attack our troops. That’s basically OPSEC in a nutshell – safeguarding information to protect troops, infrastructure and assets.

So in the midst of my cleanse and hiatus from hodgepodge, I spent nearly the entire time prepping for Max’s return; no effort was spared.

I wanted things to be different this time around. I cleaned the house from top to bottom; there were multiple trips to Home Depot, TJ Maxx, and Target to make the house feel like a home; there was a massive grocery run to stock the pantry, freezer and fridge; I even baked a few freezer meals so Max would have some homemade meals ready and he wouldn’t have to cook himself. Who doesn’t enjoy a good home cooked meal after a long deployment, right?

This last Friday there was an extra bounce in my step and a little extra boost of pep in my attitude: it was homecoming day. Finally! I showed up to the base in my new boutique dress and a pair of my favorite nude heels. And in spite of Max’s gnarly deployment mustache, I pushed past everyone in the crowd and kissed him.


photo 4

It’s been five days since Max has been home and already things are falling back into place. Finally, our lives have begun to normalize again. And I’m so beyond thankful.

Thankful that he’s home (he’s the one on the right).

photo 2

Thankful that he’s safe.

photo 3

Thankful that we’re together again.


To homecomings, health, happiness and hodgepodging. I think it’s going to be an exciting year!

Cheers everyone!


4 thoughts on “Return to Hodgepodge and a Homecoming

  1. So exciting! Glad he (and you) are back. I can’t imagine what a homecoming like this would be like. I’m crazy excited when husbandman is away on business for a week… in Seattle. So amazing.

    Lots of love to you both!

  2. Seeing them after so long is the best. Settling in with each other again sometimes takes time but glad to hear your routines are falling into place. Enjoy your time together.

    Happy 2014 to you both.

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