Master Bedroom Completion!

This post has been looong overdue. My friends, I apologize. In the midst of the last few weeks, Hodgepodge Pilot’s Wife has fallen to the wayside a smidge. What can I say? Spending quality time catching up with my husband tends to dominate every waking moment, especially when he’s been gone for three and a half months.

One of the larger projects I tasked myself with before Max left for his deployment was to build our master bedroom furniture. I’d built some smaller pieces before, but a headboard and matching nightstands…I knew I was up for the challenge, but to be honest, I was a bit intimidated.


With some patience, dedication and the motivation that Max would love however my projects turned out when he returned home, I stuck to the task.

And I have to say, I was not am not disappointed.



I turned to my favorite site – Etsy – to decorate. If you’ve never checked out Etsy’s artwork, you’re missing out.

Max and I are the type of people who like to have multiple layers of significance in our surrounding. What do I mean? Well, we’re kind of like Shrek in that we have lots of layers.


The photo on the left represents my hometown in Washington State. I was always a fan of living near the water. What embodies that better than a photo of a pier? The photo on the right lends itself to Max’s home back in Montana. What’s more country than a rustic old barn? And finally, the center photo speaks to where Max was born – Chicago. It’s an artsy snapshot of the city’s skyline. Each photo is neutral in tone and individually meaningful to both of us.


I’ve also been working on some $10 picture ledges so we can add even more artwork (most likely a few more photos of Seattle and possibly Boston) as well as some pictures with us, friends and family in them. But that’s an entirely separate post 🙂

Max said he loved the headboard and nightstands so much, that he thought it would be cool if I also built two dressers to round out our bedroom collection. Now that he’s back from deployment, my productivity has decreased more than a bit, but I gladly accepted. I’m so up to the challenge! Stay tuned for additional master bedroom pieces!

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