Guest Room Reveal!

It’s been a long time coming, but the day is finally here! Our home is finally coming together. It’s now a home, not just an empty shell of a house anymore.

Here’s how the guest room looked before. I couldn’t find any photos without the charming bench and farmhouse headboard, so just imagine an empty room with a boring white ceiling fan and a small window. Pretty sad looking, huh?


I ordered some fantastic bedding to round out the country theme, but it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. Sad. Regardless, I just couldn’t wait any longer to share with you all the progress! You know how I was building practically overtime while Max was deployed. It was definitely worth it 🙂 Even if the coordinating bedding and small details haven’t arrived via FedEx yet.

Along with a coordinating sage green duvet and Euro shams (no, we ended up not getting the chic paisley Pottery Barn duvet set – thanks Max!), we also are waiting for three posters to come in the mail. These next few days should be quite exciting, almost like Christmas really, since we’ll be getting some lanterns, bedding, posters and other small knickknacks in the mail. Yay!

When you enter the bedroom, the bench will be on the left, perfect for sitting to put on your shoes or placing your suitcase. Here’s how I envision hanging the posters.


To the right, is the bed. It’s a rather small room, ideal for guests though.


I was rather shocked at how nicely my extra yellow duvet looked in the room. The sun was pouring light through the small window, illuminating the detail in the duvet and casting a striking contrast between the jet black headboard and the bedding.


Eventually, we’ll stash our gun safe (yes, we’re very safety conscious) and perhaps a small bookcase in there so it won’t seem so sparse. But for now, it’s perfect for guests.

Which is fantastic since Max’s parents are coming in for a visit in a few days! Timing: it’s a thing of beauty 🙂

What shape is your guest bedroom in?

2 thoughts on “Guest Room Reveal!

    • You know, now that you point it out, I didn’t ever post the plans I used. Oops! 🙂 Both the bench and the headboard are from Ana White’s blog; I guess you could just look there, but I’ll make it easy and put together a post on them. Thanks!

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