January Highlights for the Duchess of Cambridge

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted about one of my most favorite subjects: Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge kicked off the new year with quite a few milestone events. Her first royal engagement was announced, another overseas adventure was revealed (Prince George tagged along too!), another birthday was celebrated, and may other highlights.

In chronological order, here’s what Kate’s schedule looked like for the first month of 2014.

On the 9th, Kate celebrated the big 3-2. Happily married and blissfully joyous with her new baby boy. I’d say that For a thriving 30 year old, the Duchess is doing extremely well. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than a loving family, right?

On the 22nd, Her Royal Highness received yet another crown in the highly coveted fashion world. According to PromotionalCodes.org.uk, Kate has the most enviable hair in Hollywood. So that’s that: Kate’s the new Queen of Hair. Professionals have stated that when customers come knocking on their doors, more than a fifth of Brits beg for the Duchess of Cambridge’s flawless brunette waves. More than that, hairdressers are pledging that the Duchess is officially bringing brunette back into the fashion limelight. (Great news for me since I have naturally brown hair!)

photo 2

On the 23rd, Kate celebrated her 1,000th day as a member of the royal family. I can’t honestly pinpoint when and why I like day counts, but I find it both awesome and amazing that Kate’s been the Duchess of Cambridge for 1,000 days!

On the 27th, the media reported that Kate and Wills banished their loveable pup, Lupo, from Kensington. I’ve included this information in this post for several reasons. First, if the Cambridges went out of their way to have Lupo in their first family portrait, I find it hard to believe that he’d be banished so easily. And second, Lupo was Kate and Wills’ first furchild. Yes, I used the term furchild. Of all the couples I know, not one of them has abandoned their pup when baby finally came around. I’m calling the media’s bluff on this one. I hope poor Lupo hasn’t been banished.

photo 4

On the 28th, the Duchess’s first royal announcement was announced. She’ll be visiting the National Portrait Gallery on February 11th. The last time Kate visited the Gallery was when she was six months pregnant with Prince George; before that, her first official portrait as a Windsor was revealed. So exciting! Perhaps there’s another surprise reveal is scheduled that we don’t know about? We shall see.

photo 5

On the 31st, the media reported that Kate whisked Prince George away to a Caribbean island to celebrate his grandmother’s (Carole Middleton not Queen Elizabeth’s!) birthday. Unfortunately, Prince William was detained at the University in his agriculture class. Sad! Late last year, Clarence House announced the Cambridge’s third overseas escapade. In April, Wills and Kate are going to Australia and New Zealand and they’re taking Prince George with them. Now, I’m not one to speculate (much), but the last time the Duke and Duchess went abroad together, nine months later Prince George came along. I’m calling it now: I expect an official pregnancy announcement late this summer.

Also on the 31st, Kate’s second official royal engagement of 2014 was announced. On Valentine’s day, the Duchess will be in West London opening the ICAP Art Room at Northolt High School, another charity of hers.

Since her son’s arrival back in July, Kate’s largely kept out of the public spotlight. I suspect she’s adjusting to motherhood on her own terms. With the new year and another successful holiday season behind her, January was a return to the Duchess’s royal schedule. In fact it was almost reminiscent of what her schedule used to look like prior to Prince George’s birth. I’m excited for February and can’t wait to see how Kate’s life unfolds in 2014!


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