Family Vacation: Moody Air Force Base

Max has technically been stationed at Moody Air Force Base since October of 2012. Luckily for him (unluckily for us), he’s been deployed roughly 9 of the 17 months he’s lived here. I say luckily for him because more than anything, Max has thoroughly enjoyed each of his deployment opportunities.

He joined the Air Force and worked for seven years to become a rescue pilot. He lives to fly helicopters. I love that he’s so passionate about his job.

Anyways, Max and I were talking and it donned upon us: he’s halfway through his assignment in Georgia. We’ll be moving in the fall of 2015. That’s so crazy. It’s gone by so fast. For whatever reason, I feel like these momentous occasions always sneak up on us.


With Max returning from deployment and the all important halfway point in his assignment, we all thought that it would be the perfect time for a family vacation!

Last week, Max’s parents flew down to Georgia and spent a few days at the house. From there, we all roadtripped down to Naples, Florida where we met up with Max’s sister.

Since it was their first trip down South, Max and I took them to the base and showed them the squadron and his aircraft.


The HH-60 Pavehawk. My awesome husband flies one of these!


Max showing his dad, Chuck, the cockpit.


I couldn’t resist climbing in and seeing how the controls felt for myself! Max’s mom, Rene, climbed in with me 🙂


We also crawled into the back of the aircraft. It was pretty spacious. I was a little surprised.


Max with his parents. That’s one of the three helicopters that came back from Afghanistan. Note the fearsome art to the left of Max’s mom.


Stay tuned for more pictures from our family vacation!


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