Family Vacation: Road Trip to Naples Florida

The first part of our family vacation was spent in Valdosta, Georgia. Max and I showed his parents the city we’ve called home for the past year or so. Chuck and Rene got to see where Max works, what his helicopter looks like in person, and we explored the eclectic downtown area.

Last Monday, we all hopped in my Mazda 3 and roadtripped down the coast to Naples. If you’ve never been there, holy cow. Be prepared to be dazzled by all the money that’s concentrated there. As wonderful as Florida was, I’m not sure I could ever live there. Everywhere we turned, there were hospitals, banks and shopping malls.


Talk about a retirement community at its finest. I’m not saying that younger couples couldn’t enjoy it (the beaches are gorgeous!), but it was definitely noticeable that the average age was slightly higher than say in Valdosta 🙂

The evening we drove into town, we made a pitstop at a local beach to take in the sunset. Absolutely breathtaking. Sunsets might be on my list of top five things that I truly enjoy in life. (Did you see my post, Spectacular, Spectacular?).


photo 2

Our entire vacation was dedicated to relaxation. There were outings to the beach, kayaking, admiring ginormous houses. It was fantastic.

My favorite beach was probably the Barefoot Beach Preserve. The sand was sugary soft and secluded.


Max and his sister Ami posing for a quick pic on our nature hike!


Max’s parents, Chuck and Rene, snapping a few photos on the beach.

photo 1

The whole Willet family!


More than that, there was this charming little path that wound through the preserve. It was a nice change of pace from the beach; just as beautiful and so full of life!




We even saw some charming little tortoises! This guy was too precious. He just stood there, letting us take pictures and gawk over his cuteness. He finally got annoyed of us and started to wave sand and crawl into his little hole of a home.


The trip down south to Naples was our first family vacation and I have to say, it was a blast. I had a rockin’ time and I can’t wait for our next adventure. Maybe we’ll go to Disney World again 🙂 Or perhaps Universal to explore Harry Pottery world!


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