Rumors are Swirling

Little over a week ago, Kate Middleton celebrated her third Valentine’s Day as a royal. In true Windsor fashion, the Duchess spent the holiday working, instead of with family relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

I’m not sure about you, but in our home, Valentine’s Day is somewhat of a sacred holiday. No, we don’t spend alot of money and go out for a fancy (read: expensive) dinner, but Max and I try to make that day extra special. Maybe it’s because we live apart and so for us, time is precious, but I could argue that Wills and Kate’s time together is also precious. True, they live together, but with their celebrity status, I have to imagine they don’t have much alone time.

For her second official function of 2014, Kate attended the opening of the ICAP Art Room at Northolt High School. This charity event in particular aimed to help children who are working through their issues by enrolling in art therapy. Clearly, the arts are one of the Duchess’s passions.

This time, the media wasn’t focused so much on the event or even Kate’s wardrobe (which by the way was a lovely cornflower blue L.K. Bennett dress. In case you were wondering). That afternoon the Duchess was all smiles, in fact, beaming from cheek to cheek.


I was wondering how long it would take for the international gossip community to start dishing up rumors about Kate being pregnant again. Prince George is now seven months old. If Wills and Kate wanted their kids to be close in age, just like they are with their own siblings, then this would be an ideal time to add another Cambridge to the family.

And so the rumors have officially begun.

Could that radiant glow and contagious smile be because the Duchess is in fact pregnant again? According to a recent US Weekly gossip magazine, the answer is yes. Oh, and it’s a girl.

I’m skeptical to believe local gossip magazines. Above all, the Cambridges value privacy and discretion. I have to imagine that if they were expecting again, they wouldn’t just drop that information at an evening black tie event. Kate and Wills didn’t confirm to the public that they were expecting Prince George until Kate was admitted to the hospital for extreme morning sickness.

This hodgepodger’s verdict: until Clarence House announces this joyful news, I won’t be believing the tabloid headlines.


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