Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day night of the year. This year was Max’s and mine first Valentine’s since 2011. Oh the joys of a long distance relationship. Boo.

Needless to say, I wanted our holiday to be especially special this year. Not only did I make red velvet brownies, I also whipped up some chocolate covered strawberries. They were inexpensive to make, tasted fantastic and had that homey-made-with-love factor. Honestly though, they took about 10 minutes and completely dazzled Max. Bonus!


It was just the right amount of cheesy for the world’s most romantic holiday.


  • 1 cup of milk chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of white chocolate chips
  • 1 box of strawberries


  1. Wash strawberries and dry thoroughly. Cut off stems and set asideimage
  2. In a microwaveable bowl, heat milk chocolate chip pieces for 1 minute or until melted. Make sure you don’t overheat them as chocolate will become less pliable. In another microwaveable bowl, heat white chocolate chip pieces
  3. Line two plates with parchment paper – one for the milk chocolate strawberries and one for the white chocolate strawberries. Divide strawberries in half. Grasp a strawberry firmly and dip into milk chocolate bowl. Set onto first plate. Repeat until all strawberries are covered
  4. Take a spoonful of white chocolate and drizzle over the milk chocolate covered strawberries. Repeat with the milk chocolate and drizzle over the white chocolate strawberries
  5. Set plates in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes so chocolate can firm up. Eat within a dayimage

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