Great Run, Sore Muscles

Since I discovered spinning a few months ago, I’ve been attending classes like a regular addict. It didn’t take long for me to become enthralled by the high calorie blast sessions. What with the upbeat music, great crowd and motivating instructors.

And then I tweaked my back.

And before I knew it, I hadn’t really worked out for about a month.

And then it was Valentine’s Day.


This week I recommitted myself to working out regularly. Nothing like jumping right back into a workout regime with gusto.

Yesterday, I ran a 5k loop on base. My feet felt like lead; my lungs burned in anger; my heart sank into my stomach when I looked at my final time. I won’t even repeat it here because I’ll be honest with you – it was downright shameful. Ha.

This morning for PT, we ran the same 5K path. After my less than inspiring run from the day before, I felt extra motivated to get moving. My time improved and my breathing was definitely steadier, but oh my gosh, my leg muscles are definitely feeling it.

It’s a good burn. That’s what I keep telling myself. It’s my body readjusting after such an extended sedentary length of time.

So I’ll keep at it. Tomorrow I plan on weight lifting and doing some light cardio to torch some more calories (I did go a bit overboard on the sweets over Valentine’s Day weekend. Oops.). Friday I’m going down to Valdosta, but I have every intention of bringing my running shoes so I can jog around the neighborhood. I’m getting back on track Hodgepoders! And I’m excited 🙂