Reclaimed Wood Headboard

In keeping with this blog’s name, my hobbies tend to be more of the hodgepodge nature. When Max was deployed, I needed projects. I’m good with projects. They keep me busy, distracted, and surprisingly productive. My favorite projects over the holidays … Continue reading

Master Bedroom Completion!

Master Bedroom Completion!

This post has been looong overdue. My friends, I apologize. In the midst of the last few weeks, Hodgepodge Pilot’s Wife has fallen to the wayside a smidge. What can I say? Spending quality time catching up with my husband … Continue reading

Starbucks: My Second Home

There’s something magical about Starbucks. The light atmosphere, the soft alternative and festive music playing in the background, the ridiculously comfy leather chairs. Whenever I need to be productive, gather my thoughts, or mellow out, I always head to a … Continue reading