Return to Hodgepodge and a Homecoming

Happy 2014 hodgepodgers! Yes, I took a brief hiatus from blogging for the first few weeks of the new year. Allow me to explain 🙂 First off, every year I do a cleanse to rid my body of built up … Continue reading

Fitness Plan: Week 49

Yes, just like I called it in my last fitness plan post, my caloric intake skyrocketed last week. Like out to the stratosphere skyrocketed. And all thanks to the holidays. Do I regret anything? Nope. I had a fantastic holiday … Continue reading

Fitness Plan: Week 44

So rather than do another confessional post, I figured I’d just mash my apology into this post. I’m sorry I skipped last week’s fitness plan 😦 But just because I didn’t post, doesn’t mean I didn’t work out. I actually squeezed … Continue reading

The Happiest Day

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Four months ago was the happiest day of my life. I walked down a grassy aisle, out of the shadows and onto the sunlit altar. Max and I held hands and listened to our family friend talk about the importance … Continue reading

When a Challenge Crosses the Line

A few weeks ago, I was scanning Facebook when an interesting photo popped up in my newsfeed. It was of a woman in a coordinating workout sports bra and short shorts outfit with three darling children positioned around her. In the … Continue reading

Half a Fitness Plan: Week 41

As promised in last week’s confession, here’s my fitness plan for the rest of the week. Over the weekend, I’ll make another plan that way I can lay out an entire week’s worth of training at one time. Confessionals – … Continue reading

The Smallest of Confessions

So, I’ve been bad. Like really bad. Last year, I had this holy mack moment where I couldn’t fit into my wedding dress. While emotionally scarring, this poignant instance in my life got me back on track with leading a … Continue reading