Prince George’s Christening!

This afternoon, Prince George showed his sweet rounded baby face for the first time since his departure from St. Mary’s Hospital nearly three months ago. The constant snapping of photos by the surrounding paparazzi didn’t even phase Britain’s youngest royal. The future king waved and smiled to his family and the camera as his father held him and his mother beamed with happiness. Kate and Wills were the picture of pure joy as they stood outside the chapel, waiting for the special ceremony to begin.

6 Facts About Prince George’s Christening!

  1. His gown was a replica of the one Queen Victoria used for her eldest daughter, Princess Victoria, in 1841.
  2. The replica gown was first used in 2008 in an effort to preserve the 170 year old original.
  3. His christening is symbolic because as the future king, he’ll one day become the supreme governor of the Church of England.
  4. Past royal christenings have taken place at Buckingham Palace with a large audience to witness the occassion. Prince George’s was at St. James’s Palace and had an incredibly small retinue of attendees.
  5. He’s the first royal baby to have a christening coin in his honor! The once in a lifetime coins range from 13 pounds or $21 all the way to 50,000 pounds or $80,000!
  6. Following the ceremony, Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, hosted guests at Clarence House. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy slices of “christening cake” – a tier from Will and Kate’s wedding cake!

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