Fitness Plan: Week 52

Well, talk about pot calling the kettle black…or however that saying goes. Last week, I was all motivated to work out. I laid out my plan carefully. It was optimistic at best. What can I say? I had lofty expectations … Continue reading

Fitness Plan: Week 51

One week closer to 2014! Can you believe 2013 is almost over? With that said, this is always the time when everyone’s thinking about new year resolutions. Have you given any thought to what yours will be? Do you plan … Continue reading

Fitness Plan: Week 44

So rather than do another confessional post, I figured I’d just mash my apology into this post. I’m sorry I skipped last week’s fitness plan 😦 But just because I didn’t post, doesn’t mean I didn’t work out. I actually squeezed … Continue reading