Starbucks: My Second Home

There’s something magical about Starbucks. The light atmosphere, the soft alternative and festive music playing in the background, the ridiculously comfy leather chairs. Whenever I need to be productive, gather my thoughts, or mellow out, I always head to a … Continue reading

Master Bedroom Headboard Transformation

Our master bedroom headboard has been quite a work in progress. It’s taken me nearly a month to complete the central furniture piece. Of course, I was only working on it every other weekend. All in all, I’d say that … Continue reading

Return to Woodworking – Finally!

Ages ago (alright, it was only a month and a half), I declared a woodworking hiatus. There were many factors that contributed to this. I can only build on the weekends I’m at Max’s house because he has the garage (I’ve … Continue reading

Woodworking Hiatus

I already knew that my posts on building would be infrequent. This was my exact thought process when I found out Max and I would be separated by about 135 miles: I can just build on the weekends when I come visit. You … Continue reading