Master Bedroom Completion!

Master Bedroom Completion!

This post has been looong overdue. My friends, I apologize. In the midst of the last few weeks, Hodgepodge Pilot’s Wife has fallen to the wayside a smidge. What can I say? Spending quality time catching up with my husband … Continue reading

Matching Farmhouse Nightstands

I’ve had quite a few posts on our Master Bedroom headboard, but I have yet to publish anything on the matching nightstands! Tsk, tsk, tsk. The headboard may be the focal piece to our master bedroom furniture, but the nightstands … Continue reading

Guest Bedroom Design Snippets

My master bedroom projects are coming to a close as I type. With the end on the near horizon, I’ve set my sights on finishing up another part of the house: our guest bedroom. Right now it’s basically a storage … Continue reading

Fancy Farmhouse Headboard: Part II

Earlier this week, I posted the basic plan I used for our Fancy Farmhouse headboard. I deviated slightly from Ana White’s design, but only because I felt it streamlined the plan a smidge. Basically I screwed together the 1×2 trim … Continue reading

Return to Woodworking – Finally!

Ages ago (alright, it was only a month and a half), I declared a woodworking hiatus. There were many factors that contributed to this. I can only build on the weekends I’m at Max’s house because he has the garage (I’ve … Continue reading

Master Bedroom Projects

Like any newlywed couple, Max and I are still scrambling to fill our three bedroom home so it doesn’t look quite as empty. We took the easy road and bought our dining room and office furniture. What can I say? We needed a … Continue reading